Take Me Home!

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The Process


All spayed or neutered, these animals have had a rough start. We need to ensure that they go to good, understanding forever homes.


A Haven volunteer will arrange a home visit with you once you express an interest in adopting an animal by filling out our adoption form. We insist that yards are securely fenced and shelter provided, whether inside the home or in a dog house outside. Our dogs should not be chained up; a kennel is fine as long as they are not constantly confined to a small space. The owner takes responsibility for the welfare of the animal, including ongoing heartworm, as well as flea and tick preventative medications. We ask for a minimum donation of JA$5,000 to the Haven which will help us to continue our work. In return, you will receive a healthy, spayed or neutered, house-trained, socialized, child-friendly companion. If for any reason you cannot keep the animal, we will take them back. They are to be returned to us, not passed on to anyone else, although you can recommend someone and the above steps will be repeated. And if at any time you need advice or help, we are only a phone call away.


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