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The Montego Bay Animal Haven encourages both Jamaican and Overseas Visitors to visit our Rescues. These precious animals are hungry for love and compassion as they have had such hard and in many cases traumatic lives so far.  A loving and controlled interaction with these animals assists us in furthering our goals of education, compassion, sponsorship, rehoming and adoptions.


We do allow small groups of school children to visit the Haven and can only interact with healthy and calm Rescues and must be accompanied by responsible teachers and/or parents. We will also only allow small numbers of Rescues to interact with children.  Children will only be allowed to interact with certified healthy Rescues.


Only Rescues that are medically cleared as healthy are allowed to interact with visitors.

This being said, we have set up some rules on who and when visits with the animals can be allowed.


Farm - Hiking with the Hooligans


Hike Hours: 9 am - 10 am

Visiting Hours: 10 am - 12 noon


All visits and hikes must be booked through: Irina Bruce https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/154933


Cost: US $65.00 inc transportation.  Pick up at Pier 1 entrance.


Only dogs that are people friendly and healthy are allowed to participate on the Hike.


All visitors must be aware that the dogs get very excited when anyone comes to visit and they know they will be allowed to go and hike.  They are prone to jumping up, vie for your attention and giving friendly nips at the ankles. They just love to play, run and jump.


Visitors must wear long trousers and tops that can be soiled.  Walking shoes are a must. It’s a farm, so is either dusty or muddy.


No children under the age of 10 years are encouraged to come on the hike as the Rescues are very rambunctious and younger children may become intimidated by a rush of 100 plus dogs.


All hikes are to be led by one of the Haven Guides.



The Haven is housed on the grounds of a  private residence and the rescues here are usually ones that are recovering from surgery, have health issues and a few are not people-friendly.  It is therefore important that any interaction with these Rescues is controlled and limited.

Individual Haven visits are not possible.  Haven visits are restricted to small, supervised education trips by school and only when there is no health risk to either Rescue or Visitor.  Other visits are restricted to Vets and prospective sponsors and adopters. We are often housing puppies who have to be guarded against Parvo which is a highly contagious and often deadly disease.

Please contact us if you interested in arranging a visit and we will do our best to facilitate. We know the Rescues would love to see and play with you.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvg1EP-LRUE

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