Sponsor a Dog's Transport


Our dogs are lucky to be with us at the Haven, but what they really want is a home to call their own. Our partnership with Baypath Humane Society allows us to send some of our dogs to Massachusetts for adoption! However, transports are expensive and rely solely on donations.  Please consider sponsoring one of our deserving dogs so they can make the journey to find their new family! Click the picture below to learn about each dog and becoming their sponsor!


Peek a Boo


Please contact us at mbahfundraisers@gmail.com if you have any issues with the Paypal donation buttons. Thank you! 

Sponsor a Resident Dog 


Some of our dogs are not candidates for transport and find their forever home to be here with us at the Haven. We rely solely on generous contributions from you to care for animals in need. Many of the animals who come to MBAH are wounded or injured in some way. We nurse them back to health, spay and neuter, and provide ongoing medical care. Please consider sponsoring one of our long-term residents, your donation makes a difference! Click the picture below for more information!











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